As a passionate, accomplished financial services professional, you know you never stop connecting and never stop learning. So even if you’ve reached a level where others around you are satisfied, you still aim higher, working until your name isn’t just on the door — it’s on the building. So, if you’re ready to unknow your limits, you may be ready for MDRT.

MDRT is the Premier Association of Financial Professionals®. Thanks to its unmatched global network, robust educational resources and dynamic events, it offers you the best opportunity to unknow your limits and achieve the level of success that matches your ambition. Find out if you qualify and apply today.

The value of MDRT membership

Educational resources

Gain access to proven ideas, techniques and solutions through a suite of resources.

MDRT's network

Connect with some of the industry’s most seasoned advisors, locally and globally.

Members-only meetings

Join the industry’s best at exclusive MDRT experiences to network and gain insights.


Attending MDRT meetings provides members with dynamic, high-caliber experiences to enrich their careers, while also providing unparalleled networking opportunities.



Offered to MDRT’s U.S. and Canadian members, this is MDRT’s most innovative and technologically enriched meeting, where members work hard to find insights and solutions to their business needs.

MDRT Annual Meeting

MDRT Annual Meeting

The MDRT Annual Meeting gathers thousands of members from around the world to hear inspiring speakers, learn international industry insights and share best practices with peers to help attain new levels of success.

MDRT Global Conference

MDRT Global Conference

The MDRT Global Conference allows members to enjoy MDRT’s world-class meeting experience abroad. Members listen to inspiring industry leaders, learn in-depth local and global trends, and exchange innovative ideas to advance their businesses.

Top Of The Table Annual Meeting

Top of the Table Annual Meeting

Exclusive to MDRT members with higher production levels and Top of the Table membership status, this meeting allows a mix of business enhancement, social interaction and the opportunity to include spouses.


Keep updated on industry trends and gain knowledge from experienced MDRT members. MDRT’s ever-expanding resources serve members who want insights on the go.

Resource Zone


Members can access an extensive collection of videos, articles and archived meeting presentations that relate to their specific business needs.



With new content weekly, MDRT members can view, comment and clap for MDRT's best resources, curate personal lists and follow other professionals as they create their own.

Round The Table Magazine

Round the Table magazine

MDRT’s bimonthly print publication zeroes in on trends specific to the financial services profession, offering members insight on overcoming challenges and optimizing success.

MDRT Blog & Podcast

MDRT Blog and MDRT Podcast

With concise updates and lively conversations among MDRT members, these resources can help you increase your production and provide stronger client service.

Stay in the know

Keep up to date with the latest MDRT news, articles and updates!


Members reach new levels of success because of people they meet and connections they make.

Extensive Network

Extensive network

MDRT members take pride in helping other advisors advance their careers.

Successful Professionals

Successful professionals

MDRT’s top-performing network of financial professionals helps other MDRT members achieve even higher levels of success.

Member-to-member mentoring

Peer Mentoring

With access to MDRT’s global network, MDRT members have the opportunity for member-to-member mentoring. Mentoring increases production for both people in the relationship.

MDRT testimonials

This is a table that you want to be around. It’s a table that brings opportunities to your practice. This is where all the movers and shakers get together. This is where you want to get rubbing shoulders with guys that really have it figured out. They have made a big difference in my career.

Ted Rusinoff, CFP

14-year MDRT member from Stow, Ohio, USA

MDRT is unique for the amount of emphasis they put on truly understanding your business and your clients. Most other organizations are very product focused. MDRT doesn’t talk about any products — they rely more on understanding the base emotion of why you do what you do.

Ryan Jake Perkins

3-year MDRT member from Timmins, Ontario, Canada

MDRT taught me how to think big. I see other people who are my age with my experience doing really amazing things, and that is what I was missing from other organizations.

Julianne Hertel, CLTC

6-year MDRT member from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

MDRT is an organization whose sole purpose is to help their members grow.

Brendan Clune Walsh

10-year MDRT member from Detroit, Michigan, USA

At MDRT I am surrounded by the best of the best. Not only that, the best of the best who are willing to share what has made them successful.

Adrian George, CFP, TEP

11-year MDRT member from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I’m part of a lot of associations and organizations in our industry and am very involved with many companies, but the one thing that is lacking in all of those other places is the fact that they all focus on products and services and not the Whole Person.

Kimberly A. Harding, CLU, CFP

16-year MDRT member from Woburn, Massachusetts, USA


Membership applications are accepted beginning November 1 and are due by March 1.

MDRT qualifying minimums

Commission USD 66,000, Income USD 114,000, Premium USD 132,000

Ethics and associations

You must have a strong ethical track record with no complaints brought against you, and membership in another professional association is required.

Annual membership dues

USD 550


Our goal is to help you achieve lifelong success by qualifying for and maintaining membership in MDRT. If you do not yet reach MDRT qualifying minimums, but would like to get on the pathway to membership, check out the MDRT Academy.

MDRT Academy

The MDRT Academy is an individual membership association created to accelerate the professional and personal growth of advisors — and put them on the fast track to MDRT levels of production. The MDRT Academy’s resources — all available on a website and mobile app – include targeted content, webcasts with MDRT members and industry experts, goal-tracking tools, access to the MDRT Mentoring program and a community for sharing ideas.

Learn more about the MDRT Academy