What can MDRT offer you?

Members-only meetings

Get access to these exclusive, unique MDRT experiences, where speakers and members network and get firsthand insights.

Educational resources

Get ideas and solutions that work, delivered by some of the best minds in the profession, in articles, videos and podcasts.

MDRT's network

Get connected to advisors, globally or locally, who have “been there, done that” and who want to see you succeed.

Members-only meetings

Network with speakers and members to get first-hand insights

MDRT invests in first-class industry speakers to offer members high-caliber meetings, all while creating a platform for an unparalleled networking experience.

MDRT Annual Meeting

MDRT Annual Meeting

The MDRT Annual Meeting gathers thousands of members from around the world to hear inspiring speakers, learn international industry insights and share best practices with peers to help attain new levels of success.

MDRT Global Conference

MDRT Global Conference

The MDRT Global Conference allows members to enjoy MDRT’s world-class meeting experience abroad. Thousands of members from all over the world, especially from the Asia-Pacific region, listen to inspiring industry leaders, learn in-depth local and global trends and exchange innovative ideas to advance their businesses.



Offered to MDRT’s U.S. and Canadian members, this is MDRT’s most innovative and technologically enriched meeting, where members work hard to find insights and solutions to their business needs.

Top Of The Table Annual Meeting

Top of the Table Annual Meeting

Access to this meeting requires MDRT members to have higher production levels and MDRT Top of the Table membership status. Here Top of the Table members seek ways to further perfect their already-high levels of success. Typically held at resort locations, this meeting allows a mix of business enhancement, social interaction and the opportunity to include spouses.

Educational resources

In the office or on the go, MDRT has solutions to your business obstacles

Find industry trends and get a glimpse at what is being presented at in-person MDRT meetings and from experienced MDRT members. MDRT continues to expand resources for members who can’t step away from the office or want insights on the go.

Resource Zone

Resource Zone

Members can find an extensive collection of videos and articles that relate to their specific business needs. While non-members have a sampling of some content available, MDRT members have access to a continually expanding library of content available on the Resource Zone.



Centered around a new theme each week, content is delivered to you in the form of articles, video and audio. MDRT members can view, comment and clap for MDRT's best resources, curate personal lists and follow other professionals as they create their own.

Round The Table Magazine

Round the Table magazine

MDRT’s bimonthly print publication zeroes in on trends specific to the financial services profession, creating an in-depth look at how MDRT members are overcoming challenges to optimize their success.

MDRT Blog & Podcast

MDRT Blog and MDRT Podcast

Read quick-hit takeaways or hear conversations among MDRT members on these platforms. You will find the latest industry insights, trends and topics for ideas on how to increase your production and provide stronger client services.

Stay in the know

Keep up to date with the latest MDRT news, articles and updates!

MDRT's network

Members reach new levels of success because of people they meet and connections they make.

Join our unparalleled global network

Extensive Network

Extensive network

More than 70,000 MDRT members take pride in helping other advisors advance their careers.

Global Membership

Global membership

MDRT members in 72 nations and territories work together to help each other grow professionally.

Successful Professionals

Successful professionals

MDRT’s top performing network of financial professionals work hard to help other MDRT members achieve even higher levels of success.

Member-to-member mentoring

Member-to-member mentoring

With access to MDRT’s global network, MDRT members have the opportunity for member-to-member mentoring. Mentoring increases production for both people in the relationship.

MDRT testimonials

My involvement with MDRT and the MDRT Foundation has taught me that the value we bring to our relationships with clients goes beyond the sale, the reviews and the delivery of checks. Aside from helping them build, our role also includes helping them rebuild their lives.

Janet N. Ng


Through my membership and involvement, I have had the opportunity to learn from industry greats, meet colleagues and friends, and gain knowledge and tools to help my business grow exponentially. I am truly grateful for the countless gifts MDRT membership has granted me.

Kimberly A. Harding


Do you qualify for MDRT?

Membership applications are accepted beginning November 1 and due by March 1. Applications received after the March 1 due date will incur a late fee.

MDRT qualifying minimums

Commission USD 96,000, Income USD 166,000, Premium USD 192,000

Ethics and associations

You must have a strong ethical track record with no complaints brought against you, and membership in another professional association is required

Annual membership dues

USD 550

What if I do not qualify for MDRT?

Our goal is to help you achieve lifelong success by qualifying for and maintaining membership in MDRT. If you do not yet reach MDRT qualifying minimums, but would like to get on the pathway to membership, we have opportunities and options for you.

MDRT Mentoring Program

MDRT’s all-new mentoring program matches MDRT mentors with mentees looking to achieve more and get on the pathway to MDRT membership. The MDRT Mentoring Program has year-round open enrollment that will help match you and keep you on track.

Find out how an MDRT mentor can help you.

MDRT Academy

The MDRT Academy is a digital association that offers an entirely virtual experience. Find videos, articles, podcasts and other resources based on MDRT's proven approach to shared learning that will help you reach MDRT level production.

Learn more about the MDRT Academy